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What is required for you to choose the life you desire?

Would you like me to support you on your journey?

How far are you willing to go?

Everything is a tool, and the way we use a tool can alter the result we get. My coaching is a tool for you; below are different ways to use it so you can decide which is the ideal path for you at this moment.

6 Month: Embodiment Process

Join me for the deepest work I offer, a six-month intensive program of dissolving all that stands in the way of you embodying yourself as God.

$2,400/Per Month

What's Included:

⦿ Björn's coaching and healing space for 6 months
⦿ 4 Zoom sessions per month (30-90 minutes each)
⦿ Access to all the print and video material
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3 month: Letting go of Resistance

Be guided by me on a journey of letting go of all that does not serve you in the realisation of your most beautiful life.

$1,800/Per Month

What's Included:

⦿ Björn's coaching and healing space for 3 months
⦿ 3 Zoom sessions per month (30-90 minutes each)
⦿ Access to all the print and video material
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1 Month: Peeling back the Layers

Step into the process of uncovering the true source of what is holding you back in life and begin the process of releasing all that stands in your way.

$1,200/For Two Sessions

What's Included:

⦿ Björn's coaching and healing space for 1 month
⦿ 2 Zoom sessions (30-90 minutes each)
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1 Call: Ad-hoc Coaching

Take an intense step into yourself, as I hold a pure mirror up to you, so that you can see yourself as I see you; magnificent.

$700/Per Session

What's Included:

⦿ Björn's coaching and healing space for 1 call
⦿ 1 Zoom session (30-90 minutes)
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What area of life causes you the most distress?

Career Development

What do you truly desire your career to be?
What have you told yourself is impossible? What have you told yourself is unrealistic?
What if nothing is impossible?
What if nothing is unrealistic?
What else is possible?

Personal Growth

Do you know who You are?
Have you ever stepped backwards, beyond all programming, and met the real You?
How could your life change if your brilliance shone through without distortion?

Building Self - Confidence

What if you were already infinitely self confident, you just didn’t know it?
What if gaining self confidence is NOT about adding something new?
What if all you have to do is let go of everything which is blocking you from being You?

Navigating Changes

How do you deal with big and small changes?
Do you realise that all moments of change include many gifts?
Are you aware that mastering change is one of the secrets to mastering life?

life balance

Does life sometimes feel like a constant challenge of spinning plates?
As though you are running from one thing to another?
What if you could find the perfect balance point in your life, one which synergises all elements?

Relationship Coaching

Are your relationships, intimate and otherwise, as magnificent as they could be?
Do you give full presence to others, and do you feel it in return?
Do you feel you nurture, and are nurtured, in your relationships?

Things You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

Rarely do we discover a coach who has the capacity to hold us to such a consistent standard of light as Björn. It has been said that one coaching session is like an entire ceremony, in how transformational it can be.
All calls are conducted on Zoom, and are scheduled depending on which option you choose.
What is it that you desire most? Look inside. Whether or not you find it, return to the program descriptions and see which one stands out; you may be surprised how tuned in your intuition can be.
While it is not an obligation to do so, reading the book before your coaching process begins will ensure you gain the most from the experience.
Björn is based in Europe, and will be offering programs to support all timezones.
You can schedule a call with a member of the team by clicking the button below.

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