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Discover the secrets to living a life that’s authentically yours, where being different is celebrated, and conformity is a thing of the past.

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what does it mean to be you as God?


People often ask me, “What does it mean to truly be You?” Many believe that just by being alive and awake, they’re authentically themselves. But what is actually happening is that most of us are living merely a fraction of the life we’re genuinely capable of living.

The crux of the problem? We often prioritize other people’s perspectives over our own. We find ourselves accommodating our parents’ expectations, aligning with our friends’ points of view, and adopting societal norms. This means we’re shaping our lives based on other people’s opinions rather than our own unique perspectives. By adhering to these external perspectives, we’re veering away from our true selves, preventing us from fully relishing our lives and discovering inner tranquility and limitless possibilities.

So, what does it truly mean to be yourself? It begins with waking up each morning with a sense of gratitude for the sheer miracle of existence. It may sound overly simplistic, but the heart of the matter is just that. When you’re genuinely you, life becomes a joyous journey. You feel grateful for your uniqueness and start taking charge of your life, steering it in the direction you genuinely desire.

How do you become the leader in your life?


To me, a leader is someone who has a clear vision for their life, their family, and the world. They know the path they need to take to bring about the changes they desire, and they confidently stride down that path. Importantly, they do this without denigrating others or feeling the need to apologize for their own unique perspectives or for seeing things differently.

When you truly embody your authentic self, you don’t have to criticize yourself for the traits that make you unique, the qualities that set you apart from others. Instead, you embrace these traits, acknowledging the value they bring. Similarly, you learn to appreciate others’ differences, recognizing that their unique perspectives can contribute positively, even when they diverge from your own.

Another aspect of being true you is letting go of judgment. If you are genuinely being yourself, why would you consider yourself wrong for who you are or the choices you’ve made? Interestingly, once you stop judging yourself, you find you also stop judging others. Why spend precious energy finding faults in others when you could channel that energy into creating new possibilities?

Are you willing to know that you know?


There are many facets to being your true self, but ultimately, it boils down to one undeniable truth: you already know who you truly are. Deep within you, there’s something yearning to be acknowledged, a hidden or suppressed aspect of yourself that is begging to be seen and heard. This is something that, once liberated, would not only transform your life but also ripple out and positively impact our world.

Embracing your authentic self is not just a personal gift, but a boon to the world around you. Your unique essence is a much-needed change and a fresh possibility that our planet, your loved ones, and indeed you yourself require. After all, when you show up fully as yourself, you’re offering the most genuine version of you to the world.

So I ask you: if you were being your true self, who would you be? It’s not about finding the answer elsewhere—it’s about recognizing that you’ve always known it. Are you ready to embrace that knowing, to set free your authentic self? The world is waiting for you. Step into your power and let your true self shine.

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