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Rediscovering You Are God

After embarking on a journey of relentless exploration and introspection, I have finally uncovered a treasure trove of knowledge, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

For six long years, I ventured into uncharted territories, pushed the boundaries of understanding, and delved deeper than anyone before me.

And now, I stand before you, eager to share my discoveries and invite you to join me on this thrilling expedition.

Are you ready to join me in uncovering the secrets of the unknown?


i am Björn Lenz, PhD mathematician, Author and spiritual Teacher.

I am here to be Your guide, if you choose so.

Dear Spiritual Seeker, Explorer of Life

What lies ahead for you is perhaps the most important and profound journey you will ever take because it is a journey beneath the noise, beneath the superficial reality which entangles and consumes most of humanity.

My guidance can only shine a light on the path in front of you; it is then up to you whether it is a path you wish to walk.

I can be your guide, but ultimately only you can choose to take on this adventure.

This is what I’m here to do. Will I see you on the other side?

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"You, my friend, are God. Incarnated in human form. Playing a game of forgetfulness."
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"What if every occurrence in my life, every experience, is a gift waiting to be unwrapped?"
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"What if frustration and suffering is just a choice I’ve made? What if I can choose differently?"
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"Remember, questions open possibilities. Answers and conclusions close possibilities and keep what ‘is' in place."
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"Everything is possible when you remember your true being. "
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"What am I resisting to receive, and how can I receive more?!
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Triggering is a gift. Being triggered is a choice!
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"Asking real questions allows the Universe with all its tools to support us."
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"Your path to yourself is your path to joy and satisfaction."
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"We live in a Universe with principles. These principles are useful to know ."
Björn Lenz, PhD
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What is required for you to reconnect with your ‘higher self’, to gather awareness through it, access your knowing on a higher plane, and create a life full of joy and beauty together?

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Questions open possibilities and choice creates, and what would it take to create your life from knowing that you know?

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"Human Design" body of knowledge

While the descriptive precision of human design is mind blowing, the real value is in the transmission. We use HD to guide inner work, not to entertain the mind.

"Emotional Freedom Technique" Practicioner

With EFT we use the power of our body for very directed transformational work, directly removing trauma and beliefs in a very integrated way for deep, lasting change.

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For centuries, in numerous spiritual traditions, God has been regarded as an external entity, a superior power that watches over us, judges us, and controls our fate. But what if we dared to explore a different perspective? What if we dared to entertain the possibility that God is not ‘out there’, but rather within each one of us?

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